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Thursday, February 17th, 2005
12:19 am
I am a poet, and I'm from Marin. So, you know, it all fits in together, right? Of course! Anyway, yeah, I figured I could help the struggling race and get to know a few others along the way.
Bonjourno and it is a pleasure to be informally acquainted!

Current Mood: quirky
Saturday, February 12th, 2005
8:20 pm
Check out this site out if you are interested in reading poetry, or just listening to some awesome and varieties of poetry and all that good stuff!

Nice Charlene!!

I wonder if I will be prestigous enough to be posted on the site! yeah...nice job!
Thursday, January 27th, 2005
12:09 am
Poetry Farm for February
The Poetry Farm will be next Wednesday February 2nd. It will be held at Dr. Insomnia's Coffee and Tea shop. It is "R-rated" so no one under 17 will be able to enter. Sorry...I am only a messenger. It's in downtown Novato on Grant Avenue. I believe it starts at around 7 or 7:30. I'll check in with that time soon, and report the exact time.

"R-rated" It sounds very interesting into what kind of things might be read or seen there...huh...check it out!
Sunday, January 16th, 2005
2:13 am
Marin High School Poetry Contest!!
For all 9th - 12th graders in Marin County, can enter this contest. The first place is 200 dollars, second place is 100 dollars, and third place is 75 dollars.

Each poet can submit up to three poems. Each poem is to be typed with plain font with 12 point font, and on a 8.5 by 11 inch page. Only one side of each page can have one poem, no more, no less.

Talk to your English teacher about how to submit your poems.

The poems must be postmarked no later than March 4th, 2005.

Submissions will be judged on 1 courage of expression, 2 originality of language, and expressions, 3 skill in poetic technique.

Mail submissions to:
Marin County High School Poetry Contest
Marin Poetry Center
P.O. Box 9091
San Rafael, CA, 94912

The flyer encourages the poets to keep copies of their work as entries cannot be returned

If you have anyother questions you can leave a comment here, ask your English Teacher, or just aske Angelika Quirk at 497-5848 or Gabrielle Rilleau at 927-0898.
Sunday, January 9th, 2005
11:08 pm
Open Mic Nights??
Does anyone know of some open mic nights for poetry in Marin? I know there is one every Wednesday in San Rafael in Aroma Cafe, on fourth street, next door to the movie theater. And ther's like one every month, I think the first Wed. of every month in Novato at Dr. Insomnia's Coffee and Tea, which is on Grant. But are there any more? It would be cool if we could gather all of the different spots and explore them all.
10:46 pm
Maybe; But What If?
Yeah so I'll start it off with one of my poems.

Maybe; but what if

Maybe I love you.
Maybe I want you
Maybe I need you

Maybe I don't need you
Maybe I don't want you
Maybe I don't love you.

But what if I do love you
But what if I do want you
But what if I do need you

But what if she doesn't want me?
But what if she doesn't need me?
But what if she doesn't love me?

Am I in love?
Am I in love with this girl?
Or am I just in love with those times in my heart, mind, and soul?
Or was it all just nothing?
Is it all just nothing
all like the times before.

Maybe I love you
Maybe I want you
Maybe I need you
10:31 pm
I randomly saw this community around with no members. So I am like we should make this thing happen. I know there are tons of poets out there in Marin. Feel free to join or post any of your poetry or writings on here.
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